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Terms of service customer updating

Calls Time Overflowed and calls answered by target agents (TOF In Calls) are included in these calculations because TOF In Calls accumulate a Before Time Threshold value.

However, TOF In Calls do not last in the target queue long enough to accumulate an After Time Threshold value.

The term generally refers to manually operated switching equipment as opposed to computer operated switching. Internal Assessment of the call quality delivered to callers.

Generally based upon scoring forms completed during call monitoring.

The percentage of incoming calls answered or abandoned before that time (in seconds) is the GOS.

Customer Satisfaction The satisfaction expressed by the customer when asked to rate the service provided to them. The customer specifies the time (in seconds) in the programming of the telephone system.

Queue A queue is a number of calls that are waiting to be answered by agents in an ACD queue.

The calls are usually assigned to available agents in a first-arrived, first-answered basis.

An example would be when a caller is waiting and hears 'Your call is important to us.

Please remain on the line, and your call will be answered by the next available agent'.

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A call can only get one First RAN treatment and one peg against the 1ST RAN amount.