Singles qatar dating

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Singles qatar dating

“I haven’t heard of a Qatari girl who’s outspoken like they keep it on the down low.

They don’t go public with this kind of information,” said Al Jaber.

And if feelings develop, then the union can go further.

For Al Jaber, a 20-year-old Qatari female, young men and women date although forbidden.

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The 47-year-old married Qatari woman has been in the matchmaking business for about 15 years, which is a business that has been in her family for generations.

Om Khalifa’s matchmaking process is confidential, but her clients are predominantly women.

Therefore, many of the practices that seem normal for young women to do in other societies are not in Qatar. In Muslim societies like Qatar’s, relationships between men and women before marriage are discouraged.” If a guy likes you and wants to get to know you, we don’t call it dating, we call it engagement,” said Susan Zaghmout, an Islamic educator and a counselor.

“It has to be official, through the father.” During the engagement period, the man and woman get to know each other through phone conversations, and if they’d like to see each other, they can do so but with companions.

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