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Online dater Eli suggests saying you're equally passionate about your career and maintaining relationships outside of work.

"I think it's attractive that a woman has achieved professional success, but I want to know that she hasn't done it at the expense of her personal life." You say: I'm extremely picky.

"People who live a comfortable lifestyle want someone who can do the things they do, but it's not necessary to say that outright," says e Flirt founder Laurie Davis, whose book is due out in 2013.

Instead, Davis suggests searching for people within your income bracket (which is an option on many sites, though a study by dating site Ok Cupid revealed that people typically inflate this number by 20%) or looking for other clues in their profiles, such as similar favorite travel destinations. He hears: I've been burned, and I have major trust issues. "You're not going to scare off the liars," cautions Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach and author of .

He hears: I have unrealistic expectations for potential partners, and it's unlikely that you'll make me happy. Telling him right off the bat that you're fussy significantly decreases the chances he'll contact you.

"Men are going to be too intimidated to reach out," says Davis.

" worries Eli."I picture her on the couch in sweatpants with a box of tissues watching Lifetime movies," says Christopher, a 37-year-old former online dater from Milwaukee, WI."Let me determine if you're laid-back," says David Wygant, a dating coach and author of . That's what will resonate with someone."You say: I'm old-fashioned and have traditional values.

He hears: I'm older than my profile says, but you won't date me if I tell you my real age.

You might, however, scare off an honest man who fears you're carrying baggage from a previous relationship.

"Good guys may think you sound angry and bitter," says Katz. If your world revolves around your children, where would a guy fit in?

The problem with these adjectives is that they can evoke a whole host of images, not all of them good.

"Is she so laid-back she's never going to care where we go or what we do? "The buzz words themselves aren't telling; the activities you enjoy are.

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He hears: I'm embarrassed that I'm on this dating website and would never want to tell our friends or family.

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