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Luke wilson dating

“I thought it might be a good time to sit on the bench for that scene and let some other kind of more athletic guy take over there.” As a result, he ended up scanning through an enormous book of potential rear ends.

Luke Wilson (My Super Ex-Girlfriend) For a scene in which he gets his clothes whipped off by Uma Thurman’s deranged superhero, Luke Wilson embraced his inner Al Pacino and requested his very own Joey Tribbiani-esque butt double.Movie star Luke Wilson's brother Andrew has blamed his sibling in part for ruining his marriage.Andrew claims the actor outstayed his welcome in his home years ago when he was struggling in school—and his wife quickly grew tired of the unwelcome guest.The older Wilson, who co-directed new movie The Wendell Baker Story with brother Luke, recalls, "I was living in Dallas with my wife at the time and Luke was supposed to be going to college in Fort Worth.One day Luke was asleep on the couch when I came home.

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