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When we come to do a Client Needs Analysis we will ask a lot of questions about your business and your competitors. When you do business with the Finger Lakes Radio Group, you can expect a professional, thoughtful approach to your marketing and business needs. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the increase in business our Return On Investment analysis indicates is possible.There may be some questions you’ve never thought about. We will keep in touch with you through your entire campaign.

You know better than that." She stood her ground as he walked up to her. Sarah kept trying to shake free, but she couldn't break free from him. The next slap caused her to buck, the transition from pleasure back to pain was jarring. "Your good little girl." "You're very good, honey," he said, picking up a rhythm as he began thrusting into her. She managed to keep her right arm free, and she tried to pry his hand off her mouth. "Tell me about it," he said, still stroking her head. Her legs buckled and she felt his weight press down on her again. He was sitting with his back to the headboard, one hand over her mouth and the other trying to wedge itself between her elbows and torso. He ran a hand through her hair as she recovered her breath. Deep breaths in and out, sweetie." "I did fudge it up though," she at last. He wrenched her to one side, and then quickly changed direction so that she fell over his knees as he sat down on the bed. He then took a handful, squeezing it before letting go, and then slapping it down with a ringing noise. "Legs together." She complied, feeling his thickness more acutely as he continued to pound into her. dy..." she managed before she felt her insides convulse and she squirted out onto her panties and jeans. Methodically, he pulled up her shirt collar, and rubbed it on her tongue. "Young lady, you get this tongue back when you learn to behave. Talk like a good girl." Sarah tried to pull away, but his grip was firm enough and it only made it hurt. She ran it around in her mouth to get it wet again. And when you do, you know you get punished." She kept trying to roll off, but he held her outside wrist twisted up her back. He manhandled her onto the bed while getting up, so that she was laying on her stomach, legs on the ground. She kicked her legs as she ground himself into her, but with the jeans and panties tied up around her knees, she wasn't going to be able to do much. "I know, honey," he said, not relenting as he continued. "I fucked up today so bad, that it smoked a cigarette after I fucked it." He shook her head at her, but she could see the hint of a smile on his lips. She swallowed, but presented her tongue, sticking it out. When he parted them, he found her soaking and a moan was wretched from her guts. He placed the hand between her wet thighs, spread them, and then began to rub up and down the wet flesh. "Thank you." He pounded her hard, enough to hurt her as he held her down.

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He nodded, as if making a mental note and sat down on the bed, patting next to himself. "I fucked up today." "Language," he said, raising a finger in gentle admonishment. "I FUCKED up today." He stood up with a disappointed look on his face, "young lady. Your..." she felt her eyes begin to roll back as he began to hilt himself inside of her.

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