Dating a hiv positive guy native american dating rituals

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Dating a hiv positive guy

It is also completely safe for you to share food and drinks as well as eating utensils.

However your partner may have to keep off certain foods and most definitely drinks and cigarettes during treatment for AIDS.

In case of the latter, if you have been sexually intimate with each other, it is crucial that you get yourself tested as well.

Once you know the truth about your own health, you will not only be able to make the correct choices in the relationship but more importantly start your own treatment, if required.

Test yourself There are two situations where you may find yourself involved with an HIV positive gay partner.

This article describes a 2013 Seattle study that found that 40% of HIV-negative men and 25% of HIV-positive men serosort.

After ages of denial and discrimination, finally developed societies are waking up to the right to sexuality of its citizens with the result that it has become possible for gays to live and love the person of their choice.

The CDC website is quite categorical that the highest concentration of HIV virus resides in blood, semen, vaginal fluid and bodily fluid containing blood.

The CDC website clarifies that the possibility of transmission of HIV/AIDS depends on what kind of kissing involved.

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Since your partner is HIV negative, it is best if you can entirely refrain from penetrative sexual intercourse and limit acts of intimacy to kissing, caressing, touching and mutual masturbation.