Dating fsm people site

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Dating  fsm people site

Known to her diehard fans as Posh Spice, Victoria soon found herself in the fashion industry long after she dropped her singing career.

Being a success both as an artist and a fashion expert, Victoria already had a sizeable net worth by the time she started dating soccer legend David Beckham.

But in this list, we are going to do something different.

We are still going to talk about pro athletes and their wives.

Bearing the Gretkzky name, being daughter to hockey superhero Wayne Gretzky has its perks and advantages, which led to successful modeling and singing careers.

Gisele’s already large net worth has found a significant boost when she married American football superstar New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

It is rare that we include the wives of our idols in the discussion.

And when we do, which is rare, we only find ourselves yapping how hot and gorgeous pro athlete wives are and how we, poor mortals, could never duplicate their fate.

With her popularity in the music industry still searing and soaring, it’s no wonder that Shakira now has 0 million under her name.

But she gets more star power after tying the knot with soccer player Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona in Spain.

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Now she plays wife to professional hockey player, Michael Comrie and just had their first child.