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Typically, people who commit drug-related crimes require a comprehensive program to help decrease recurring offenses and substance abuse.

Without supervision by a judge and other criminal justice employees, many offenders do not attend treatment regularly – or even at all, in some cases.

These programs provide offenders with substance abuse issues the opportunity to get clean and start on the path to a healthy and happy life.

The largest reductions in recidivism were especially evident in adult drug court programs that: Drug courts provide offenders with a highly-structured environment that promotes cooperation and completion of the program.

Those who have a high risk of failing out of other services without support may especially benefit from drug court programs.

I personally have 32 years of experience getting custody for fathers.

If success is paramount to you, trust in the people who have been through the court battles. "I originally filed for divorce with a different lawyer. One of my co-workers recommended that I contact family law attorney Stan Robison.

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I knew it was a great decision after our first meeting.

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