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American woman dating egyptian man

but in that time, it will make me crazy having the kids with him, and not knowing if they are okay.

(the kids are okay with this,they know it is temporary) I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't, so I might as well be damned with a paycheck to show for it.

"Kris, you need to call the guy back, and tell him that you do not want the job" But why Honey? " "Your not taking that job, or any other job, do you understand, and I don't want to hear another word about it. He insists that I am home when our 13 year old comes home, if I am not, he yells the rest of the day and night about it. ...." The second thing is, what do I do when the kids don't have school, or one of them is home sick?

They have spring break comming up, I don't want to leave them home alone all day long, but I can't take them with me either.

All of the kids birthdays are comming up in the next two months.

I would like to do something nice for them, for example, I want to take our 13 year old into New York city for the day.

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I talked with the guy about it, it sounds good, pays cash, part time, and god knows I can use the money. They want to go see a movie, I don't have the money, and he won't give it to me because, "Kris, we have bills that need to be paid, we don't have extra money for stuff like that". If an Egyptian ever tells you "tomorrow" or "next week" it means its not going to happen.

So a week later, the guy calls back, my husband answers the phone. A few days after my husband talked to the guy and told him no, shes not interested, he talked to me. " I have a few problems with this job, one is that I wanted to do it behind his back (he's working during those hours, but he is off on Sunday, and I would have to work on Sunday, so he will find out. The oldest gets home about from school (she's 13) and the younger two get home about 4pm. I know they are old enough to stay home for a few hours by themselves, but my husband does not understand that.

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