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So I'm sitting there, eating an apple, my machine-gun in my lap. That's good, tomorrow dinner will be hare (writes it down). At the end of the semester the Devil comes with a bucket of nails: I've been to Moscow. At -20, Austrians fly to Málaga, while Finns celebrate midsummer.

Then suddenly, I see movement - there's some guy swimming across the river. - Hey you, the big-eared one, who's the smartest in the savannah? Tomorrow at dusk you'll come to my lair, I'll eat you for dinner. Seen great placards: "Everything in the name of Man, everything for the good of Man! (referring to the General Secretary of the Communist Party, who could be seen on national holidays receiving parades in Red Square.) A Georgian comes to an urologist and, without a word, pulls out his member and plops it on the examination table. At -200, hell freezes over and Finland wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

The grandfather accepts and comes to class the next day. our platoon had had a long march and we were resting on the banks of a river. Obviously, he chooses student hell and has half a year of normal life. At -10 degrees Celsius, heating is switched on in British homes, while Finns change into a long-sleeved shirt.A billionaire Russian businessman with ties to the Kremlin filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against President Donald Trump's campaign manager, who's already under indictment in the Trump-Russia probe, according to reports.The suit was filed by Surf Horizon, a firm owned by Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, in New York State court. Manafort and Gates were indicted by the FBI's special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, last October.Surprising effects are achieved by an endless variety of plots and plays on words.Since the advent of the Internet (and especially Web 2.0), anectodes' popularity is rivaled by that of , "tales") - short to middle-sized (up to several paragraphs) funny stories that supposedly happened in Real Life (though it's not uncommon and even encouraged for each narrator to slightly exaggerate facts and add fictional details for better effect).

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His Lordship the General, next to me, jumps up and shouts "Old Man: I had an old Zaporozhets car, and I put my war-trophy Messerschmitt jet engine in it. - The elephant without a word grabs him with his trunk and throws him into a nearby swamp. That's good, tomorrow lunch will be wolf (writes it down). At -273 absolute zero temperature is reached, all atom movement ceases.

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  1. This metaphor originated in France and was translated into English in Randle Cotgrave's Dictionary (1611), where it referred to dissipating one's wealth. 5- Leave in the lurch Desert or leave alone and in trouble, refuse to help or support someone He left me in the lurch when he didn't come over to help me although he had promised to earlier in the day.

  2. Returning to London after 10 years, he suffers amnesia after an accident. Shah Rukh Khan / Katrina Kaif / Anushka Sharma / June Smith / Anupam Kher / Lee Nicholas Harris / Rishi Kapoor / Susan Fordham / Pamela Betsy Cooper / Chris Cowlin / Steve Box / Sarika / Neetu Singh / Claire Greasley / Paul Blackwell Johnny Hallyday / Sandrine Bonnaire / Eddy Mitchell / Irène Jacob / Pauline Lefèvre / Sarah Kazemy / Jenna Thiam / Agnès Soral / Isabelle de Hertogh / Valérie Kaprisky / Rufus / Silvia Kahn / Antoine Duléry / Jean-François Dérec / Jacky Ido Sean Bean / Kate Walsh / Eva Longoria / Shane Black / Tom Arnold / Paul Ben-Victor / Willa Ford / Leonard Roberts / Aedin Mincks / Nolan Gross / Joe Cortese / Peter Mackenzie / Sonya Eddy / Rustam Branaman / Autumn Withers Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia.