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I’m generally in favor of getting fraternized whenever possible, only possibly not in public. Except for this one time with this girl named Anya.” Xander backed away as he babbled, but the couple was way more interested in getting each other’s pants off to actually notice him. That’s a 5.7 on the weird-o-meter.” Xander looked around, not sure what he’d find but expecting it to be bad. Every military base had storage closets, and Xander knew from experience that they made great places to hide. Hi.” Xander stopped when a man with a bewildered expression came wandering out of another door.

His glasses were sliding down his nose and his hair was definitely a little too long to be called military. Okay, oddly this is not the first time I’ve gotten this speech, but from experience, it rarely ends well.

Hopefully, Xander’s fellow airmen would forgive him some time before his four-year hitch was over. “It looks like someone finally remembered to fill out the right paperwork, sir.” “I don’t know about that,” Xander offered.

Otherwise, he was going to have a very uncomfortable tour at Peterson. “I have five cases of peaches, ten of assorted meats and twelve cases of Jell-O.

The sheer number of floors below them stunned Xander. Either that or someone had dug a really deep elevator shaft for no reason other than to freak out the guests. The doors slid open, and Xander blinked as something skittered across his skin. No weirdness at all,” Xander muttered to himself as he pushed his cart out into the corridor. Demony-level silent, and Xander found himself eyeing the wooden pallet under his cardboard delivery, wondering if he had enough time to make himself a stake. Every time I get paranoid, it turns out there’s something to get paranoid about.” Xander abandoned peaches and headed back into the elevator, but when he pushed the buttons, nothing happened. Before he could make any other complaint, the elevator doors slid closed and he started heading down into the mountain.

“Is there something—” “The commissary storeroom is that way,” Isaacs said, cutting Xander off before he almost dashed out of the elevator and ran the other way. More importantly, could he explain why he wanted one if he got caught? The lock was turned to inactive, and he didn’t have a key. “If this is a dream, this would be a good time to wake up,” Xander muttered as he hit every button, including the emergency stop, to try and stop the elevator. And hey, you are looking at me really weird.” Xander backed away, and the Marine followed him with his eyes. Worse, Xander’s little pants friend seemed to enjoy getting looked at like the last virgin in a vampire convention. Then again, his cock always had been an idiot, so Xander shouldn’t be surprised at that. ” Another marine came out of a room, and the big-ass man turned to face him.

“I promise to not castrate you,” the guy said with a crooked smile that made Xander’s cock harden almost painfully fast. “Now fuck me.” Without waiting for an answer, he kissed Xander hard. “Tu me rends fou.” Daniel was a real talker, but Xander didn’t understand any of it. Finally Daniel’s body spasmed, every muscle going tight before he came against the wall, and Xander let his own control slip as he drove in one more time and came himself. “You do not belong here.” Suddenly Xander found himself staring down the end of that oddly shaped weapon again. “Hey, I was just delivering peaches from Peterson, so technically I belong several levels up there, but I couldn’t stop the elevator, and trust me I tried. I mean, I’ve been shot at, and I really don’t like it, so if we can avoid shooting me, that would be awesome.” Daniel stepped to Teal’c’s side and put a hand on his arm.

“Fuck me.” The man looked at Xander with that same intensity as the Marine. ’ Because if it is, I’m kinda right there with you.” The man closed the distance between them, his hand coming up to touch Xander’s chest and Xander could feel the fever heat of this guy’s skin right through his uniform. The fact was that he wanted to have sex with this guy. That would be magic because Xander was not exactly a slam-bam thank you ma’am sort of man. Daniel’s words finally failed him as he devolved into wordless groans. As Xander’s orgasm approached, it occurred to him that he didn’t have the only cock, and both of Daniel’s hands were busy holding onto the wall to keep Xander’s thrusts from slamming him into the wall.

An uncomfortable tour and a whole lot of time schlepping peaches over mountain roads. Either someone around here really likes Jell-O or your officers are worse than mine when it comes to the really important things, like food.” Xander gave the lieutenant another goofy grin.

Xander watched the odd look that passed between the two men.

The lieutenant must have pissed someone off pretty bad to get stuck doing shit guard duty, but then again, Xander didn’t have a whole lot of room to talk. The second rule was that Xander had an uncanny knack for attracting trouble.

He’d gotten stuck doing this food run because two seconds after he’d shown up for an illegal poker game, officers had just happened to wander through the supply tent.

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“Oh hell yes,” Xander breathed, and then he looked around desperately. Daniel grabbed a hook set into the wall, tossing a broom to the side when it got in his way. The heat—the fever heat that made him forget about everything but his cock eased up and his hip hurt a lot more. Whatever the bad guys were firing, it had some serious suckage on the penetration front, but it really left a nasty wound. ” Daniel came running down the hall, and Xander took his finger off the trigger.

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