Updating database from excel Sex video chat online

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Updating database from excel

Introduction In this article, we will talk about Save To DB Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel.

The add-in has powerful import-export features for Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2016: The first three features do not require any configuration and are ready to use right after install.

You can implement and modify any business logic using stored procedures.

Users should just click the Save button to save changes.

I'd set up a stored procedure in SQL to handle the data in the staging table, and run that after loading the staging table.

The goal of the Save To DB Excel Add-In is to empower database developers to deliver feature-rich database applications with Microsoft Excel as a client using only database development skills.

Table of Contents To top Save To DB Add-In contains a powerful Data Connection Wizard.

As you surmised, the best method for those things is generally to load the data to a staging table, run a process that moves staging data to the main table (whether that's updating or replacing existing rows adding new rows, or some combination of the above), then clearing the staging table.

They are not intended for updating existing data, or even for adding rows that don't already exist.

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To top Conclusion You may easily export Excel data to a new database table using the Publish Wizard of the Save To DB add-in.

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