The sims 3 egypt online dating

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Pull the statue onto the tile and then follow the hall all the way around the back, past the giant window with the glowing relic beyond it and to a door.

"This key, I've seen this symbol before outside another area. NOTE: Through the other door is another room with another keystone but it won't be glowing."In need of romantic advice and assistance in proving historical rumor for my friend. I need you to speak with a friend, Dalinda Barakat, about his desire to prove his ridiculous theory about his ancestor and Hatshepsut. Speak to Ameen Moussa if interested.""Thanks for responding to my request.Go through the door and push the statue back one space. Head back into the previous room and then to the far middle room. Feel free to return and loot a chest in the room once you have the keystone.NOTE: In this next area, all the doors will have colored tiles on the floor in front of them.

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This information will get you through the next section no problem but if you want to try to understand the door by door walkthrough, go ahead.

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