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Relative dating wikianswers

And that's just if there's only one main work in the Shared Universe to begin with — if you bring together many different characters and storylines set in the same universe and cross them over with each other, you have .Trying to keep everything straight between them can be an exercise in complete madness, as the continuity between them is completely tangled up and near-impossible for anyone to unpick.It will not slow down or negatively affect your device or user experience in any way.This will help us keep running the website AND you can continue enjoying our website ad-free! Long-running TV franchises can also suffer from Continuity Snarls — the universes have gotten especially snarled over time (although the former can easily Hand Wave this away because it's about time travel).A Continuity Snarl can result in Continuity Lock-Out for readers, especially newcomers, as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what's happening in the 'verse without a Masters Degree in Continuity Studies. See Armed with Canon, Comic-Book Time, and Author's Saving Throw for common causes, may result in Continuity Lock-Out, Continuity Porn, Tangled Family Tree, and Timey-Wimey Ball.

This is particularly a problem for comic books, especially in The DCU and the Marvel Universe, which have the long-running and tangled continuities of many a character to keep straight.

The longer that this goes on and as more teams take over, the chances of Continuity Snarls taking place go up.

The more retcons are made, reset buttons pressed, and the more the 'verse enters into a Dork Age.

People being people, those different creators will have their own ideas.

They'll have different ideas about what the 'verse should be, about what has worked and what hasn't, what might work and what doesn't.

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  1. In terms of the men, we had Mr Sporty, Mr Funny, Mr Tasty that you were looking forward to speaking to but turned out to be excessively dull, Mr Pretty-Damned Scary (he who must not be named) who was desperate to tell you about his stuffed budgerigar collection and penchant for toga parties (three minutes suddenly seemed like a very long time...), Mr I've-got-my-rehearsed-questions-and-I'm-not-afraid-to-use-them.