Personals dating serves

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Personals  dating serves

Next day we spoke a length about what had happened, and she said she wanted to see him again, to which I said I wasn't too sure about that.

but as the days passed she became more insistant, and to be honest the thought of what had happened weakened my resistance, so we arranged another meeting.

I told her to stop but it carried on for another 10 minutes before she turned to me and said that he had seen her looking.

Then the film credits started to roll and we sorted ourselves out and got up to leave, I couldn't wait to get her into the car and rip her knickers off, I was desperate to lick and fuck her.

I waited for her to move off, but she turned and looked straight into my eyes and I could see she was interested in our young friend.

A Younger Guy - We're a normal early forties couple who have spoken about including a third person in our sex life, but never done it until three months ago.

My wife Sharon and I went to the cinema for an early evening show, before going out later for dinner.

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