People interest motorcycles dating seeking

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People interest motorcycles dating seeking

Fraudsters are commonly using text messages as a way to defraud unsuspecting victims out of money.Known as smishing, this involves the victim receiving a text message purporting to be from TSB.It allows customers to keep their existing phone number and transfer it to a new SIM card.The existing network provider sends the customer a Port Authorisation Code (PAC), that when presented to the new provider allows the number to be transferred across.

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In several cases, people have lost vast sums of money, with one victim losing £3,890 after initially receiving a text message claiming to be from TSB.

Fraudsters used specialist software which changed the sender ID on the message so that it looked like it was from TSB.

Victims’ bank account and personal details including their phone number are collected by the fraudster, providing them with the information to execute the fraud.

Number porting is a genuine service provided by telecommunication companies.

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This action allowed the banking fraud to take place.

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