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Online senoir singles dating site

I ve been fortunate enough to care for my friends ranch, over the past year or so as the family deals with the trials of life.

My friend, who had to leave our province to secure work, asked me if I could look at their old tractor and perhaps get it running again.

THANK YOU MH for giving my life yet another amazing experience. once the bushings wear out the sprockets contact the pins and both start to wear, .

post script; I am purchasing this tractor from the family, so that it may remain, on the ranch where it belongs.. When that happens all three will need to be replaced.

I am currently living in Minneapolis but my Grandfather started his farm in Manitoba and my father currently farms in Saskatchewan.

My father is in the process of selling his farm and his father s my grandpa s tractor was a 1939 Farmall B which he still has.

The tractor had been parked for nearly thirty years. I tried the engine with the hand crank and it turned freely.

I removed the engine cowling and blew out the top of the engine. Added fuel, one of my tractor batteries, and hotwired the ignition.

I read this on another web site; If an Oil Pull has the old Du4 American bosch mag on, be sure it is safe and has a good winding and good impulse.This little tractor was a radical departure from the rest of the AC production line.It was designed for small farm jobs and truck farming.How can it kill you Thanks gb I have a 1941 farmall h tractor it was making a clunking noise when the tractor was moving in gear. The tag says MASSEY HARISS FERGUSON LIMITED PGA22538.I took all gears and bearings out of the case inspected them replaced 1 slightly worn pilot bearing, replaced all seals found no broken bearing holders or bad gears. While in the proscees of sandblasting i saw old grey paint under the red someone painted years ago.i was told it was supposed to be gray. THANKSI have a IH farmall Model B, serial #151724 tractor that I would like to sell.

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very sparingly I have used all the gears and the pto, today I plan to return to the ranch and re-mount the mower. Peter, Your tracks are coming off because either your bushings, pins or drive sprockets are worn. Look at your Sprockets, does the right side of your teeth, if the tooth is at 12 o clock have a larger radius than the left that is the side that drives the crawler forward. Your tracks have a pin and a bushing between each link.

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