Old dating board game

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Old dating board game

The people in the lower corners don't mean much of anything and are just part of the design.If the planchette cycles repeatedly to the sun and moon and/or people below, it means the board is not cooperating. We are fully versed in the different schools of Spiritualism/Spiritism, know the differences, and respect them all.Talking boards are also referred to as Ouija boards, witch boards, spirit boards, oracle boards, and most recently, channeling boards.The name "Ouija" is a registered trademark for Parker Brothers' William Fuld Talking Board Set. There we cover the history, lore, theory, and use of the Ouija board.Consequently, a session with the Ouija board should always begin and end with a group of correct behaviors intended to strengthen one psychically and to protect against any unfriendly "entities." For further study on this we recommend exploring some of the New Age newsgroups and websites. Traditionally, the sun (originally designed as a full moon) means "YES" or conditions favorable.The waxing crescent moon with the single star (the evening star, really the planet Venus, representing enlightenment) means "NO" or conditions unfavorable.The other night while using our Ouija, we were attacked by a Class 5 low level elemental.Or maybe it was an astral corpse or semi-animated shell waiting to dissolve. Newbies to the Ouija board occasionally get ZOZO and also MAMA (leading them to think they are talking to their mothers) as they follow the curve of the letters then stop and look at each end.

Email us a picture of what you have so that we may properly direct you. They were also known as dial plates and Spiritoscopes.

Our site is fully searchable, either from our Search Page or from our Site Map. Our information is from historical and court records, books, newspaper accounts, spiritualist and other journals, US patents, and interviews with relatives of manufacturers. We strive for accuracy but do admit to letting a little popular folklore to seep in here and there. We are not aware of any countries that have specifically banned Ouija boards. Please arm yourself with the specific laws, statutes, so that we may verify them.

This is the way to go if you want to find the names of certain boards, manufacturers, or just look up keywords (e.g. Historical corrections are always welcome, so speak up if you have something to add. Ask the Glass is a an improvised Ouija board made of letter cards or Scrabble pieces placed on a table and arranged in a circle.

Hence, the name "talking board." There is debate about whether the messages come from supernatural entities or are some form of psychological phenomenon originating from the players.

Boards using pendulums, fixed spinners, or rolling balls, are not technically "talking boards" although they may have the same effect.

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You must remember that the public's conception of witches was much different around the turn of the century.