Macedonian sex dating

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Macedonian sex dating

It’s hands down my favorite part of the city no matter how confused I look in this photo. I don’t know if this is an accurate number, but I heard that it is something like 13,000 square meters.

People smoke everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.I’m not kidding when I say I’ve had some of the best salads of my life while in Macedonia.The water there is also clean so feel free to drink straight from the tap. If anything, it’s because all of it is being consumed before it even has a chance to cross the border.Was pretty bummed to learn that I couldn’t wear rollerblades or have a dog with me when I went clubbing.Overjoyed, however, at the fact that guns are generally prohibited. I was just told by a Macedonian dude that he wouldn’t look twice at a girl if she wasn’t wearing them, he’d probably even call her “ugly”.

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I ended up spending the most time in Macedonia on my latest Balkan trip and seriously had so much fun.