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Is celexa stimulating or sedating

Does anyone else take this combination, and when do you take yours?Wellbutrin generally should be taken in the morning if its XL, morning and afternoon if CR, and morning afternoon and early evening if IR.

I don't think switching would be a good idea if the celexa is working for me, it seems that some antidepressants work differently on different people and the risk of the new medication not working could be very bad. As for the oversleeping, it is not really a question of self disapline, I feel exhausted around three hours after waking, and in the cases where sleeping in not necessary, it is hard to disapline yourself when you don't even want to be alive anymore. I understand and please don’t take it as an insult, I myself have severe recurrent major depression and PTSD, therapy got me waking up at the same time daily and I recommend DBT as it has helped me function and I thought I was a lost cause!There are lots of med choices that your prescriber can discuss with you.That way it will be a one on one discussion, and any advice you get here might not apply to your situation anyway. You can read up on side effects on the Mayo Clinic website too.In most people all SSRI's are stimulating to some degree (much less than SNRI's or stimulants) Celexa is closer to neutral or very slightly sedating, if its that sedating to you then you are the exception but its still ok.I have zero idea why the Pharm would tell you not to take them together but they know more than I do, and I have patients at my facility who are Rx'd Wellbutrin IR 75mg x2 at pm and they bounce off the walls at night but nobody listens when I suggest changing the time so some professionals choices warrant a 2nd opinion.

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Reportedly it has fewer side effects, but who knows if that's really true?

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