Grain barge dating

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Grain barge dating

Louis and everywhere else in between,” Fogarty said.

Spot cash premiums for corn barges delivered to the Gulf Coast climbed to the highest since early December as exporters scrambled for supplies to meet near term loading commitments.

“Snow cover will remain quite thin across the western Midwest and eastern Plains, and some winterkill damage is currently expected there by Tuesday and Wednesday mornings,” said Don Keeney, senior agricultural meteorologist with MDA Weather Services.

“The highest risks will be across central Illinois, northern Missouri, and eastern Nebraska as lows are expected to dip to -5 to -10,” added Keeney.

This week’s cold also had less impact on Midwest hog producers and pork processors, although some farmers delayed deliveries of animals to slaughter plants. “I understand the weather hasn’t had any major impact on our operations,” said Worth Sparkman, spokesman for the country’s largest meat processor Tyson Foods Inc.

On September 26, spot barge rates for export grain from major originating areas increased 27 to 50 percent compared to last week.

CHICAGO, Jan 23 (Reuters) - Bitterly cold weather slowed grain and livestock shipments around the central United States on Thursday and threatened to damage the dormant winter wheat crop, sending futures prices higher, industry sources and meteorologists said.

Temperatures plunged to the single-digits to below zero Fahrenheit across the northern Midwest and Plains, and even colder conditions were expected early next week, forecasters said.

If the newly collected data justifies any changes, NASS will publish updated harvested acreage estimates in the October 12 report.For the week ending September 23, 221 grain barges moved down river, down 38 percent from last week, 754 grain barges were unloaded in New Orleans, up 3 percent from the previous week.Ocean For the week ending September 21, 32 ocean-going grain vessels were loaded in the Gulf, 16 percent less than the same period last year.The second brutal blast of cold to hit the region this month raised concerns about the dormant winter wheat crop.Snow in the northern and eastern Midwest this weekend could help insulate plants from yield-sapping winterkill, but snow cover in some other areas might not be enough.

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Outstanding (unshipped) export sales continued to increase for soybeans but decreased for wheat and corn. The tariff is a 2-year tariff rate quota (TRQ) and will take place when imports from the United States surpass 158 million gallons. Year-to-date imports of ethanol to Brazil from the United States are currently at 310 million gallons, three times more than this time last year.

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