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And it flowed toward the privacy of our own multiple online presences.This mishmash of services blossomed in the past decade and we have most recently settled on Facebook and Twitter where we share everything including political rants, anger at Comcast, bafflement at the “stupidity” of our fellow humans, and bad jokes.Alternative social networks, including photo sharing services, are more about broadcasting our pleasure or displeasure visually but written social media itself is the latest refuge for our deepest thoughts and most sensitive shares. We are learning that all of our thoughts aren’t welcome, especially by social media company investors.We are also learning that social media companies are a business.Facebook mistakenly ran the ad for a while, grabbing before it banned the image.In short the latest incarnation of the expository impulse is truncated and sites like Facebook and Twitter welcome most hate groups but most draw the line at underboobs. As careless CEOs quickly discover saying the wrong thing in a “private” chat or deleting an errant does not mean someone won’t screencapture your rant. Want to meet people with similar interests or kinks?Where could the average person, the civilian, go to share their deepest feelings of love, anger, and fear? After the rise and demise of things like Julie & Julia, the human impetus for sharing – exposing oneself, as it were, on the Internet – had to flow somewhere.

In the clip, the woman is seen shouting pro-Trump taunts and swearing at numerous people in the vicinity, including what appears to be the store manager.

According to a Facebook post by Jessie Grady—the bystander who filmed the scene—the woman began shouting after a black employee asked her if she wanted to purchase a bag for her larger items. ” As the video continues, the woman repeatedly yells that she is being discriminated against, confronts Grady as she films, accuses Grady’s child of stealing, and refers to Michael’s employees as “animals.” According to Grady’s post, several people in the store—including herself—phoned police, but the woman had already left by the time authorities arrived, some 45 minutes after calls were placed.

The incident reportedly took place Wednesday night “Why don’t you shut your face? This incident is the just the latest in a recent spate of obscene and racist tirades by Trump supporters.

Entire wars can break out online that have real-world consequences – see Pizzagate – and hoaxes flit through the memetic bloodstream like cancer, breaking down our defenses.

A prominent writer and friend recently mused about what would happen if he posted some political rants.

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