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Dating song lyrics disaster movie

He identifies Will as "the guy who ruined Star Wars" (Hayden Christensen).Will screams as he wakes up and his friends tell him that they saw his dream.He responds by saying that he never had one before she leaves.

Calvin immediately falls in love with her and she tells them that she has consuming lots and lots of enchanting drugs.Then, Will has a dream where he's a Jumper and tells Amy that he can teleport through time to space.Prince Caspian (Barinholtz) comes in and says "I am Prince Caspian, here to save Narnia" as Will falls into his sword.Iron Man appears to fight the natural disaster and says "I am Iron Man" before getting knocked down by a cow thrown by the tornado, turning him into a tin can.Hellboy (Barinholtz) appears, gets knocked by another cow, and leaves.

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Amy arrives with her new boyfriend, a Calvin Klein underwear model. A bulletin from the radio reports that something has jolted the city.