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Daisy ryan dating

Tom Rosenthal, Joel Fry and Ryan Sampson are all expected to return as lead characters Marcus, Stylax and Grumio.

Sam Leifer will again direct and co-write the series with Tom Basden.

But can he cope with her dissecting their relationship live on stage?

So when Grumio's mistaken as a charity case, Marcus spies a money-making opportunity.

Jason bets Aurelius he can beat him in the big race despite not having run since junior school.

Lee Hooper is a Fine Art photographer who was brought up in a number of exotic locations such as Hong Kong before settling in the less than exotic Midlands in the 90's.

The boxed set includes all four series plus interviews with Sam Leifer, Tom Basden, Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal, outtakes and lots more. What C4 sitcom does Tom Rosenthal currently star in?

Send your answers to [email protected] the word Plebs in the subject line.

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take to Comic Con's Main Stage to give us the inside scoop on ITV2's award-winning series, currently in its fourth season.

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