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Cathy nguyen dating gabe bondoc

It was difficult, even up until the final weeks, but what I've learned is that everything takes time.You find a way to build relationships, and with that time comes a better understanding of how you can help, or how trust (or the lack thereof) is sometimes key to why relationships do or don't work.I think this was one of the most powerful things I've heard this summer.At all levels of our society, there's such an emphasis on what others are doing wrong, and how they should be more like -us-, and it was just so powerful to hear this statement of personal responsibility, accountability, and commitment from the dean.Thank you, Memphis, for introducing to so many beautiful things and beautiful people. I used to blab on a private journal [a big black notebook] but I've gotten tired of keeping everything to myself. If you don't appreciate bluntness and occasional mushiness, get the hell out of my site! So I am forcing myself not to blog about American Idol. Riley and Aidan (boy-girl) and the ever adorable Peyton and Brennan (identical boys). I woke up today and listened to the giggling and laughing and Anyway, trainer Anne and I had a brief facebook chat session earlier this morning and she pointed out that she's in-love with this Gabe Bondoc.I was also challenged by the change in environment.Memphis was in a lot of ways what I expected, but it was also in a lot of ways a completely different place than what I had assumed it would be.

Great wi-fi (because you can't always say that about other cafes and especially not my hotel in NYC). We would all benefit from taking more responsibility.To a similar extent, I'd argue the same for the phenomenon of global warming, and of many similar problems of widespread scale.Lastly, I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been pushed out of my comfort zone.I was challenged at my fellowship placement, being thrown into an organization where I didn't really feel like I was wanted or needed, being given no direction, and trying to forge a path forward.

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I'm leaving Memphis with a deeper appreciation for how we're really not all that different, and a deeper acknowledgement of how I used to write off the South in a way that I really shouldn't have.