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But I was trying to gain time on my very low clock. NOTE: You need to pick a username and password to post a reply.

Okay, so maybe i could have held the game if I hadn't played this. Rxg5 Kxg5 31.h6 resigns So, any comments/variations/criticism/namecalling is more than welcome!

Its very 'loose' but the option of posting the KN on a square other than f6 can make things interesting.

Bxf8 1-0: I decided to play the Dutch to throw people off in speed games. 1 e3 2 d3 etc not in this case) This one has an interesting example of tripled pawns early on:1.

Please add to my list if you know others - there are seven or eight just on the Leningrad.

] Classical Dutch - Pinski Classical Dutch - Bellin Play the Classical Dutch - Williams [good book, a bit HTF] Hollandische - Schwarz Substantial coverage (partial volumes) in both the German 'bis' series', the Euwe series and the Russian Chess Openings series.

You'll find many examples in the queen's indian (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3. There are so many anti-dutch sytems available to white, that are dangerous, and sound.

Qh4 Nc6 The whole point was for Black to connect rooks, but even as I made this move I was praying it would not obstruct my pieces further. : The problem with that idea is beginner v beginner games where White always plays the Stonewall and Black always plays the Dutch - you get into the dreaded double Stonewall, and no one has any pawn breaks (or knows about them) and it's like the d4 version of the dreaded symmetrical quiet Italian Game in that every game is the same and dead equal.: Can one of the better players give a sort of overview of the goals and plans of the Dutch defense? I`m a 1500 player and have played a few games with it with mixed results, largely because I`m not sure what I`m supposed to be doing. If White can play e4 without hindrance he will always develop a space advantage. Another idea may be to cover square e4 first with the bishop: 1.d4 b6 2.c4 Lb7, followed by ...e6 and ...f5. I have done some very light analysis of the game but likely there are variations I haven't even considered.1.d4 f5 I play the Dutch on a whim against d4 when i don't feel like playing d5. We are both rather low rated, so please let me know if you catch any glaring errors out of the opening. Bg5 Bb4 I rarely get to play this move in the dutch though pinning the Knight is my favorite idea.

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