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According to the Western Journal of Medicine, D-linked muscle weakness can be eliminated within just six months with supplements.

Serotonin is the hormone linked to mood and wellbeing.

It’s a lovely and wonderful way to make a small difference for a family who has enough hardship to worry about.

- (GFY) While we’re sort of on the subject of Amazon, there’s a wishlist there to buy and donate toys to the children of incarcerated parents.

And speaking of beautiful dresses, this nightmare Vuitton that poor Jennifer Connelly is trapped in is not one of them! If the disappearance of Bryan Singer and the halted production of is any indication, the story(ies) may be breaking any day now. - (Dlisted) Escapist fiction can help us grapple with truths in different ways than confronting reality head-on. Jemisin’s trilogy presents us with an Earth on the brink of environmental disaster, rife with racial division and oppression, and governed according to an untrue mythology.Actually, recent research indicates that vitamin D plays a much bigger role in fighting disease than once thought.Being deficient can increase your risk of cancer and other deadly diseases. A lack of vitamin D has been identified in patients with fatigue in some studies, and once vitamin D levels were corrected, patients felt considerably more energetic.If you have chronic health problems and are prone to seasonal illnesses, your vitamin D levels may be too low.An Asian study of kids supplementing 1,200 units daily during winter lessened their risk of the flu by around 40 percent.

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Studies also link low vitamin D levels in the blood with other mood disorders besides depression, like premenstrual syndrome and seasonal affective disorder.