Anderson cooper dating into polygamy decreet dating

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Anderson cooper dating into polygamy

I had us stop here, because that verse, and the words that precede it underline the centrality of compassion to the ministry of Jesus and the ways of God.The passage that precedes this word about Jesus weeping tells us that Jesus was “greatly disturbed in spirit and deeply moved.” What is important here is not that Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, so he could die at a later date, but that Jesus acted from this deep sense of emotion called compassion.Jurgen Moltmann, whom I had the privilege of hearing speak this past week, answered this question with this response: “An impassible God is not God, but a demon.” He went on to say that if God is apathetic, that is, without passion or compassion, then God will be “apathetic toward us.” But as we read here, Jesus was deeply moved, and in this he reveals to us the heart of God, which is compassionate and not apathetic.There is another word that goes with compassion and that word is empathy.

The context was the Supreme Court hearings, and the question was whether an empathy standard was appropriate for a judicial nominee.

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We can do this by trying to understand the hearts, minds, and situations of our neighbors, so that even if we’ve never experienced what they’ve experienced, we can still understand what they are experiencing.

Jesus’ compassion, however, went beyond just walking in the shoes of the other, it led him to act.

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