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America datingbuzz south

These laws also barred slaves from receiving an education, or even learning to read.

The plantation owner controlled the farm and saw that it earned money. They worked each day from the time the sun rose until it set.

In later times, slaves provided the labor needed to produce products that were in demand. Italians established large sugar farms beginning around the twelfth century.

They used slaves from Russia and other parts of Europe to do the work.

Slavery is the custom of one person controlling or owning another.

Some history experts say it began following the development of farming about ten thousand years ago. Other slaves were criminals, or people who could not re-pay money they owed.

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Many separate buildings were needed on a plantation. And buildings were needed for workers to produce goods such as furniture that were used on the plantation. So there also were barns for animals and buildings for storing and drying crops.