Adult chat rooms in halifax uk

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Adult chat rooms in halifax uk

We then entered the old women's sitting-room, where the dear old creatures past all work sit and croon and twiddle their thumbs.

It is true some of them make a pretence of doing a little darning, but they seem quite at liberty to do as much or as little as they like.

They area not imbecile, but from being subject to fits, are quite unfit for work.

One girl committed a secret to my keeping, but seeing she is in a habit of telling everyone I feel no compunction, in revealing it.

One old woman, Sarah Brownhill by name, spends her time in counting the birds, which occupation; she believes, materially conduces to the welfare of the establishment.

The female quarters were placed at the west and male at the each, each side having separate areas for old, young, children, the sick, lunatics and itch cases - twelve separate exercise yards in all. Chorlton dining-hall and kitchens from the west, 2001. Designed by Thomas Worthington, it comprised five well-spaced ward blocks, linked by a covered way, and each accommodating 96 patients. If you succeed in completing the buildings for anything like the money with due regard to the simple sanitary arrangements of so great a building, you will have inaugurated a new era in building.

A communal dining-hall and chapel lay at the centre of the building. This was the first pavilion plan infirmary to be built in England and was praised by Florence Nightingale: "Your hospital plan is a very good one: when completed it will be one of the best, if not the best, in the country. And we shall hasten to imitate you; for you will have set up a model for the whole country." (Pass, 1988) Chorlton 1864 ward pavilions from the east, 2001. Chorlton workhouse infirmary ward block, early 1900s. Chorlton ward interior sketch by Thomas Worthington.

The next room we visited upset all the notions of Bumbledom we had inbibed from a perusal of "Oliver Twist".

It was the Nursery, devoted to children between the ages of two and five years.

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Another member of, this ward informed us she liked to see gentlemen, she had got completely tired of the, society of ladies.

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